Pino Markovich - paintings




Pino Markovich, Pino Marković, Josip Marković, Josip Markovič

The manifesto (very brief)


– Art is a goddess of dainty thought – reticent of habit – abjuring all obtrusiveness – proposing in no way to better others – She is withal selfishly occupied with her own perfection only – having no desire to teach – seeking and finding the beautiful in all conditions, and in all times –




James McNeill Whistler’s Ten O’Clock lecture




With this credo in mind, I've been painting just for fun for all my life,  self absorbed, closed in my world, unknown except to my closer friends.

Proudly self-taught, this is my strength, or my weakness, all depends from your point of view.

The world, due to the advent of technology is aesthetically almost destroyed and polluted, it is inevitable that someone with sensitivity turns his creativity inward.

This site is my humble contribution to Art, the work of the last few years only,  the first attempt to exhibit .

Ready for the race of self-aggrandizement.

What is it all about? Why do I paint? What is my message?

Simply put, if I don't paint I go crazy.

It is meant to have fun. All art is basically meant to have fun and "feel good",  both for the artist and the spectator.

 My art is left open to interpretation: aesthetically, symbolically, psychologically,  etc.  If it has triggered your imagination, made you think, captivated your emotions in a positive way,  briefly if you LIKE IT, my work is done.